Fall Finals

Everyone else is staying in the library until 5am and I can barely look into my books for more than 10 minutes. When I do go to the library I feel like they can smell it. My inability to focus wafts through the room and they glare at me telling me to sit at home and be inadequate there. It’s all in my mind, however, and when I do force myself to sit at one of those quiet tables I get so much work done. It’s pushing through those stares that I make up in my mind that keeps me from my studies. It’s deciding to ignore those thoughts and just go get comfortable that will get me the grade I want. Why does it have to be so difficult? Why can’t I focus?


This weeks Memory Monday is just a flash into the past looking at previous years of studying for finals. In honor of being in my second to last semester, I want to share some knowledge. In two weeks I’m taking all of my finals and stress is starting to build. I had the glory that was Thanksgiving break but now it’s back to the books. I want to start by saying mental health first, I want to next say physical health second, and third I want to say remember the grades. It sounds like a lot but look at it this way: Don’t give in to your negative thoughts, stay rested, and schedule time to study. It’s that easy. What sucks is that it is even easier to fall out of a schedule, but just push through. Tonight I went and bought all the groceries I could need for two weeks. In doing so I have prepared myself so I don’t have to get distracted during my studies for grocery shopping and I know what I get hungry for when I’m studying so I’ll have it readily available. Know what you need ahead of time and prepare. Schedule time. This is my advice.

Now off to rest and study.

 Memory Monday is a weekly a.w.e prompt dedicated to creative nonfiction and learning from the past. If you participate please tag #awritersearth or #memorymonday so we can share our experiences and grow as a writing and reading community. 


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