First Hike of the Summer

Sunday is fading into the night waiting to become tomorrow. I have a moderate headache and sore legs but I’m thankful for how I got to be this way. The morning was a slow start spent in my pajamas playing Hearthstone. Call me a nerd if you must but I never would have even known about it if it wasn’t for my fiance, Nate.

Anyways, yesterday my friend Callie and I discussed going for a hike but the weather was calling for rain all today. We were bummed but didn’t give up hope. We would wait until church was out and make a last minute decision based on the weather map. Once she texted me this afternoon, I checked the weather. Rain was still in the forecast but not until after 4 pm. This was our chance.

I picked her up and we made our first stop, Bojangles, before heading to our hiking destination. It couldn’t have been a more beautiful afternoon. The sky was clear and the trees were an effervescent green. We sat at the bottom of the trail, ate our breakfast sandwiches and began the trek.

Other than the daily journey I used to have across campus, this hike was the most physical activity I’ve done in a while. My heart was smacking at me the whole time and on the way down my legs almost became broken crayons, but the view on top made it worth the while.

Hopefully, this will be the first of hundreds of hikes to occur this year and one of many mini adventures for the summer. I’m incredibly thankful for this beautiful day where I got to spend it outside with a friend and making memories with a beautiful backdrop.

The rain hit hard once we were about ten minutes out from home. It held off just for our hike. Talk about timing. I hope this week you find time to get outside or spend it with people who make you feel loved. If it’s supposed to rain like it is here, I hope you make some time to plan such activities. Life is really good at handing us stress but if you know it’s there it’s best just to accept it and live your life the best you can.

Tomorrow I start my new job as a barista. I have wanted this job for a really long time and spent two and a half months trying to get it at this specific place. (That’s a whole other story.) I’m super excited and could not be more passionate about this line of work but I am nervous like many are their first time doing anything. I took today’s hike as a destresser and in preparation for work since there wasn’t much else preparing to be done.

If I can climb a mountain, I can be kind and make coffee.


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