Emma Sue Writing in WW park Senior PictureA Writers Earth stands for positivity in a world constantly consumed with pessimism.

News stories are often based off of what will peak a reader’s interest. Usually, this includes death or violence. As humans, we often fear these things, so when it happens to other people we become engrossed in what happened and wonder if because it occurred we are in any danger.

Here, we aren’t going to show you kitten videos just to make you laugh or feel better. A Writers Earth is here to be helpful and shed light on a platform, the internet, often filled with darkness or, on the other hand, complete cuteness.

As a personal blog, this is not meant to replace news stories in any way. Here, we offer positivity by offering solutions to daily tasks you may be struggling with. You can find do-it-yourself, D.I.Y, articles because doing things on your own can help you take your mind off the negative things in life and give you a sense of fulfillment.

You can find relationship advice here because by helping you work out the kinks with those you keep close to you already helps by creating positivity in the circle directly surrounding you.

Choosing to have optimism is like a wildfire, it can spread miles after touching one spot. If you would like to know how any of the other topics at A Writers Earth support positivity, fill out the contact form below. We will respond and we love to talk.

[A smile can brighten anyone’s day.]


Hello! My name is Emma and I currently own and write all the content on A Writers Earth. I created A Writers Earth, at first, because I simply loved to write. An optimist myself I quickly realized the benefits of having a blog.
For one, I get to write, but also I get to provide you with entertainment, help you with any problems you may be having, and find a way to share my optimism.

This being said I extend an invitation to you to use the contact form whenever you like. I love helping people and if you share with me any problem you are having, I may be able to help you as well as anyone else who may be having the same problem.

If you are in any real danger or in an emergency, call your local police department, but if you can’t decide what color to paint a room, are having a relationship problem, or simply want to talk, I’m one click away.

[Perspective changes everything.]


When I visit websites I always wish they had some sort of key or map so I can find my way around easier. Here is the map to A Writers Earth for you.

If at any point you get deep within the articles and just want to find your way back to the home page just click the blog title at the top of the page. Clicking a writers earth will always take you back to the home page.

If you are looking for a specific post or want to browse my writing by topic go to the link at the top of the page. It looks a little something like this. ⬇️Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 1.38.07 PM.png
When the link has a down arrow next to it, such as Beauty, Poetry, The Blog, or Book Club as pictured above, hover your pointer over it for a drop down menu of all the articles in that category.

If you just want a list of everything on the site stay on the home page and feel free to scroll for infinity, or until you run out of posts.

Questions, Comments, Concerns

Always feel free to contact me.


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