Hi! My name is Emma Sue, welcome to my little blog! 

I know many amazing photographers on the east coast! This one is by Bambini Photography.

Get to know me

My life has been a wild ride so far and I feel so lucky to have a platform to share my story with others on. I live and breathe coffee – literally, it’s my occupation – and when I’m not at a coffeehouse, I’m playing guitar, spending quality time with those close to me, or writing about any one of those things.

I was an intern at Richmond Magazine. Find my work on their website!

What is this for?

We are all different and yet we all share something whether its a character trait, an experience or a friend. Now more than ever we live in a connected world which sadly invites negativity and the mega-dumping of hollow opinion.

I’m here to be a reminder of the little joys in life. I want to share everything I can about what I’ve learned being trained in entertainment, communication, and random skill sets. 

Some topics you may find advice and information on here include relationships, marriage, writing, school, coffee, and music. These are only a few! If you have questions, want specific advice, or feel you can offer a different perspective, just reach out! Comment or send in your questions, I want to hear from you!

Taken by DJ Ellz during our reception grand exit!

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