Reasons in the Drought

Their green hair is falling out…

When I walk by,

gnarled arms wave

Dark skin and light skin


I climb on their shoulders.

One hundred dry lips pout

Good bye I say

and they beg me to stay.

One of them lost a leg and the wound isn’t sealing.

A disease has fallen and their fruit

are all weaklings.

More limbs fall

they have all given up

Once they were young

had reason to be

Now here comes a man who needs a source of heat

Once they would proudly stand to be taken

used for something

Now they are only kindling.

Giving up

on everything,

when the hatchet comes,

they are smiling.

I cry out,

“What was it for? All for nothing!”

Last words I despite

“Glad it is over.”

Our own earth


The babies are seeing the grandparents

Give up.

Now they are being raised

Knowing life is

A waste.

One drinks too much

Another not enough

Now look. There is hope. A couple is coming.

They carve initials

But the baby only feels the cutting


they say

“We were never loved”

And the baby dies

but with a heart full of life.

The children’s children

They saw the heart

and the cycle is back at the start.

This depression we feel

It will all cease

Just look for the subtle

Death isn’t your only peace

Reasons in the drought.

All these dry minds

release into the falls.

I fear the day we all grow our own roots

Far too soon.

So let me be the first to cut

and carve.

Leave good in the rubble

To plant a tree

That knows it is loved

no matter its trouble.



(Thank you for taking the time to read one of my poems. The above poem is about the cycle of society and how the generations pass down, along with genetics, emotions. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Suicide rates were higher in 2013 than they had been since the late 1900’s. This poem is for anyone feeling a little lost. Sometimes it can be hard to see the signs, but there is always a reason to live even if you can’t see it. If you enjoyed this poem, check back for more. Feedback is welcomed.)


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